13 Common Blogging Myths Debunked

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13 Common Blogging Myths DebunkedMyths don’t just exist about Loch Ness Monster or Santa Clause; they’re also quite common in the blogging world. The tricky thing about myths is that, unlike with Loch Ness and Santa Clause, people often don’t know that they are myths. And if we’re talking about blogging myths, that can be quite difficult. As a professional blogger, I sometimes feel that almost half of my job is defending it against false belief. That’s why I thought it would be useful to debunk 13 common blogging myths in one great article. Enjoy!

1. Blogging is hard

No, it’s not. It’s actually quite easy to start a blog and come up with content. You can create your own blog in just a few minutes, especially when you use a platform like Blogger. And since it is YOUR blog, you can talk about anything that peeks your interest.

2. Blogging is easy

There are a lot of contradictions when it comes to blogging. It isn’t hard, but it also isn’t easy. If you don’t put in the work, it probably won’t get you very far. Blogging is about more than just starting a blog and putting your content out there. If you really want to get more exposure, you’ll have to get smart about your marketing, your avatar, your added value and the core message that you deliver.

3. If you create your blog, people will come

The real blogging only starts after you created your blog. It’s impossible to say how many blogs there currently are, but it adds up to hundreds of millions. And even though there are also a lot of people on this planet; they will have to know you are there. If you just put your content out there, chances are that no-one will read it. You have to actively promote your blog to make sure that people visit it.

4. Free themes are just as great as paid themes

I actually used to think this, until I really tried it. Free themes are a great way to get started, but you’ll never be able to customize them exactly to your liking, unless you’re some coding wizard. And in that case, you might want to create your own theme from the start and sell it. For Average To Awesome, I bought a theme through Envato. It only cost me about $60, which included 6 months of support and I really used that a lot. So by no means am I saying that you should pay a fortune for a theme, but investing a little bit is a great idea.

5. You should only share your own blogs

Especially when you start out, it might seem like a great idea to only share your own blogposts. We wouldn’t want to lose readers by sending them to the competition, right? However, that is not the best strategy. If you also send people to other people’s blogs, it will reflect well on you and it shows that you want to help your readers, even if you haven’t created that helpful piece of content yourself yet.

I personally feel that the best way to share other people’s content is through social media, for example by pinning other people’s posts on Pinterest or sharing them through your Facebook page.

6. Sharing your blog on socials at specific times is the best way to go

I used to think this blogging myth was true, but it really isn’t. OK, it might not be very useful to publish your stuff in the middle of the night, but since most of us are online in different time zones, at different times, it’s impossible to make sure that everyone sees everything. Besides that; if you take for example Facebook’s algorithm, chances are that even your own followers might not see everything that you post.

It is useful to use planner tools such as Buffer and Tailwind (get one month for free through this link!) to make sure that you post consistently and with certain intervals, but don’t get too hung up about posting at specific times.

7. You don’t need automation tools

This is something I also used to think. However, if you really have to do everything yourself, you won’t have any time left to write! Automation tools are such great tools to kickstart your blog! Nowadays, people require you to be present at all times. I’m sure that – if you’re anything like me – you cannot spend all your time on sharing stuff on socials. Heck, I wouldn’t even want to! I love social media, but it’s really no good for my productivity if I spend too much time there. By automating stuff, I can focus on creating high-value content, instead of promoting.

8. You shouldn’t focus on the heading, you should focus on the content

This myth is partially true: of course, you have to focus on the content. However, the heading is also extremely important. The ‘big’ heading, also known as the title, is meant to lure people in. In a positive way of course. It let’s them know what to expect and what problem you might solve for them. The other headings will make the text easily scannable.

Take this article for example; I’m already at almost 900 words. If I wouldn’t use any headings, it would be impossible to read. By using headings, you can easily scan through the different myths and read more about the ones you are interested in.

9. You need comments to be successful

Even though the number of comments says something about whether or not you struck a chord, it doesn’t really say anything about the success of your blog. My blogs have thousands of pageviews per day, but the number of comments ranges from 1-15. Or sometimes 30, if I really hit a nerve. However, my readers return to my websites every day, so the lack of comments doesn’t mean anything. Besides; there are so many comment pods nowadays (where people exchange comments), that the number of comments also doesn’t really say anything. Even if you have them.

10. You should only invest in your blog if you have made money

Of course, you shouldn’t spend all your money on your blog if it is just your hobby. However, if you are serious about starting a blogging business, you might have to invest before things are starting to pay off. I currently make a decent amount of money through my blogs, but it isn’t enough yet to cover all of my expenses and courses I’m taking. However, I’m convinced that improving my knowledge and skill set will improve my blog, and therefore the value it adds and the revenue potential. So I invest. I’m not spending or losing money; I invest and expect to see a great ROI in a few years!

11. You cannot write a blog post in one hour

Often, (wannabe) bloggers feel that they don’t have time to write a blog. Writing a blog doesn’t have to take all day. Some of your blogs might consist of 1000 words, while other master pieces might have only 100 words. You should never focus on the number of words or the time you spend on it; you should only focus on: is this piece helping someone? If that’s your only focus, you can just as easily write a blog in an hour.

12. You have to invest a lot in blogging

Even though I do feel that if you consider blogging to be your business, you should invest in it, I don’t think you have to invest a lot in blogging. You should only invest in the right things. So much information about blogging can be found online – for FREE!

When I first started blogging, I only read free information. Now that I have decided to turn my blogs into real money-making platforms, I’m investing more in my education, for example by following Michelle’s course on how to make money with affiliate marketing. That’s the best course that is currently out there on this subject, and money well-spent. I could have bought a few eBooks and do a more generic course, but that would have cost me more money and I’m sure that it wouldn’t have have the same value.

I think you should always investigate best ways to learn new things and decide for yourself if you have the time to find out everything for yourself, or that you’d rather pay the money to learn from a professional on the subject.

13. Blogging isn’t really a skill

I must confess: I don’t always feel very comfortable with calling myself a ‘blogger’. It always feels like it’s less than a copywriter. Besides, I’d like to see my sites as platforms, and not necessarily blogs, but that’s a whole other subject. Any way, blogging is a real skill. It requires writing skills, you have to have creative ideas, you must know all about social media, and you’re becoming an expert in the areas you are writing about. You really have to know a lot about a lot, to become a successful blogger!

I hope that you’re convinced that all the blogging myths I mentioned here are actually myths šŸ˜‰ And of course I would like to know: what blogging myths do you hear often? Or would you like to have debunked? Share them in the comments!

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13 Common Blogging Myths Debunked

If you want to know more about creating your own AWESOME life, find us on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram!

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    1. Automation tools such as Buffer, Tailwind, ActiveCampaign etc.! These are usually for automating marketing parts of your blog, such as promotion on social media. Usually, you can get a free account for a limited number of posts, so you can try it out.

  1. I agree with so much of what you’ve written here. Blogging is somewhere in the middle for me – I don’t find it super easy (because there’s a lot more that goes into just writing a blog post), but I don’t find it mind-numbingly hard either. I think it’s the whole comparison game that make people afraid to just get out there and start… even if it’s not perfect. We only improve once we learn and we only learn once we start. Totally agree with you on the paid themes. Until recently I was set on saving money and going with free themes, until I bought a paid theme and saw how much I could actually do with it. Great blogging myths – thanks for sharing!


  2. 1 and 2 made me laugh out loud… Thanks for the roundup, and I totally agree with you. The best take-away, though? That despite all of this, blogging is FUN! Keep up the good work and smiles from Switzerland!

  3. I love the first two, they totally contradict each other but it’s so true. Blogging isn’t easy but it’s not hard either when you’re passionate and excited about it.. Great points.

  4. Blogging is such a personal thing. I think some people start blogging because they think they will be able to make an income from the start but that is not correct. Also I think it is important for a blog to have a theme or common thread or something that gives it consistency as this can help you focus. Have a great day!

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