Holiday On The Cheap: Homestay

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Get An Awesome Holiday On The CheapUsually, we’re able to choose when we want to go on holiday. Both the BF’s job and mine are rather flexible. That means that we can go travel during the off-season, which I really like. During the off-season, everything is a lot cheaper and – depending on your location – not nearly as hot as in July or August. This year, however, we weren’t that lucky. Or at least: we were lucky enough to book an AWESOME trip, but during a more expensive period. So I’m figuring out ways to keep it affordable and stumbled upon Homestay.

What is it?

Homestay is kind of like couchsurfing (but paid) and AirBnb: you rent a room in someone elses house. Often you get some kind of breakfast and the rates are usually much lower than for instance for hotels. One of our stops is Boston, and it turns out that hotels are extremely expensive around there. Even if you’re not anywhere close to the city centre!

The homestay-locations also aren’t very near to the city centre, but you can stay there for three nights, for the price of one night in a (shady) hotel. And since we have a rental car, we don’t want to make too much of a fuzz of distance.

How does Homestay work?

Well, I haven’t got much experience with it, since I just discovered it, but it looks the same as AirBnB: you find something you like and you ‘apply’ for it. You can also enter your information and let hosts contact you. So far, we’ve been turned down once, because the room wasn’t available any more, and we got 1 invitation! I still have to show it to the BF, so we haven’t responded yet. Especially the invitation-part is something I like, since it’s such a hassle to apply for a million rooms, while you’re not even sure if they are available. I like a bit of adventure, but I also like some certainty when it comes to where I’ll be sleeping next night.

Pro’s and Con’s

To me, using Homestay would be a bit out of my comfort zone: I really like my space and I’m not very comfortable being someone’s guest. A hotel is rather anonymous, and I like that. However, it is so much fun to meet other people and I know that locals can share a lot of their inside knowledge about a destination, that my curiosity trumps my reluctance this time. So if I can convince the BF, we’re going Homestay this vacation. Or at least for a couple of nights!

Have you tried Homestay yet? Any good suggestions?

By the way: I just noticed that I can give away a €20 discount on your next stay if you register using this link!

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