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Tony Robbins Rapid Planning MethodSome people say that you shouldn’t have goals in your life. Goals only distract you from living your life. I don’t agree with them. I think goals are a vital part of realising your dreams. Of course, if you don’t have any dreams, you might not need any goals, but that’s a whole different story. For now, let’s assume you have goals. How do you make sure you reach them? One of the methods I stumbled upon recently is Tony Robbins’ Rapid Planning Method.

Maximize your sense of fulfillment and joy

Tony Robbin’s Rapid Planning Method is not just a method to achieve goals. It is a way to ‘maximize your sense of fulfillment and joy’. And that really is the key. If you feel fulfilled and joy, it will motivate you to continue. And if you are motivated, you can work on creating results that make you feel fulfilled and happy. It’s a bit like the chicken and egg story.

So, how does it work?

One of the great things about Tony Robbins is that he always comes with practical solutions. Even though his seminars may go on for days, he likes to help people get fast results with easy tools. The abbreviation RPM can also be short for Results-oriented/Purpose-driven/Massive Action Plan. This sums up the framework of this technique.


Ask yourself: what do you really want? What is your specific, measurable result? Don’t say ‘I want to be successful’, say ‘I want to make 5 million dollars within the next 5 years’.


What is your purpose? Which words motivate you to achieve your goal? What words get you excited? If you want to loose weight, your words might be desirable, sexy, head-turning. If you want to be rich, you might love words like abundance, wealthy, free.

Massive Action Plan

Your final step is making a Massive Action Plan. Brainstorm and note down all the possibilities to get to your result. Don’t just have one or two options, write down everything you can think about. Later on, you’ll decide which one would be the best way to go.

Creating the real plan

The steps mentioned above were just the beginning. Now you know what you want and you have some ideas to create that outcome, you should create a list where you capture all your ideas and things you have to do. I use Wunderlist for this (it’s free and you can access it anywhere).

The next step is chunking: what do you really need to do this week? And what are the commonalities between those activities? Try to divide them in separate segments, such as health, emotions, time, career, finances, etc.

The key now is to use these chunks and the emotions you described earlier, to chance all your to do’s into opportunities. If you want to be rich and you want to write a book to get there, writing the book is an opportunity to create passive income, to get rich while you sleep! Isn’t that much better than having to do something, just because it is on your list?

Create a role for yourself

One of the final suggestions Tony offers, is creating a role for yourself, which would help you do all you have to do. For example: if you have a lot of house work to do and you really hate this, conventional goal-setting would make you do it, in order to get a treat afterwards.

Yet, if you work like this, you have to spend your time doing something you hate, for a fleeting moment of joy.

If you create a role for yourself, such as ‘Queen of the Kingdom (that you call Home)’, actually doing the stuff might be fun as well! It can get you excited and move through your task list a lot faster!

So …

I must confess: I have a few things that I keep stalling. I can’t say that I don’t want to do them, I can’t say that I don’t want the results, and I can’t say that I cannot get excited about the prospect of realizing this goal. However, I haven’t made the connection in my mind yet. So I keep putting it off. But, inspired by Tony, I’ll make a change now.

I want to write a book, in order to do that, I have to create a first draft outline. And if I wrote the book, I would feel so, so proud! How’s that for motivation?

What idea of yours could benefit from the Rapid Planning Method?

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3 Easy Steps To Getting Your Shit Together

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