Quickest Shortcut to Wealth for the Modern Busy Person

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Shortcut to wealth for busy peopleOne of the main goals most of us are striving for these days, is wealth. For some, it can be wealth in financial terms, for others their wealth is related to health or relationships. We’re all searching for some kind of wealth, me included. Often, the easiest way to achieve something is to set goals and just do it. But what if true wealth lies in doing nothing?

Go nowhere, do nothing

I stumbled upon a Facebook post of Mr. Money Mustache this weekend. He argued that there is a shortcut to wealth, that would especially work well with busy people. But it is kind of a game changer. It would require you to do nothing, get distracted by nothing, and focus on everything you wish you could get done. See what I did here: wish, not should.

So: no driving and appointments, no Instagram, Facebook, and news.

But: doing projects in and around the house, improving yourself (for example by reading/listening to audio books, writing, etc.).

What you should do is build a rich collection of people and activities that you love, right where you live.

Real happiness is at home

Yes, but …

No. No ‘but’s’. That’s the thing. If you want this to work, you will have to throw yourself into it. I know from experience that it is perfectly possible to have a weekend doing nothing, but without the fulfilment that comes from doing something that makes your life richer. So I will put my smartphone aside more often. Look around what can be done, bake cookies, enjoy doing nothing (but with purpose). It’s a challenge, but I really love the way Mr. Money Mustache appears to live, so it is worth the shot!

What do your weekends look like? And would you even consider trying this?

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