Ibiza must see’s and must do’s

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Most people know Ibiza as the party hotspot for young people. However, this Balearic island that is also known as ‘Eivissa’, is so much more than just a place to party. This spring, I visited Ibiza for a workation and I’ve made a short list of must see’s and must do’s, in case you want to visit the island as well!

Eivissa/Ibiza Town

The capital of Ibiza can be found in the south east part of the island. It is a lovely town that has it all: modern houses, history, great market stalls and mainstream stores. And clubs, restaurants, bars and a lovely port, which is actually on the UNESCO heritage list. If you love to party, you should visit the world-famous Pacha. If you like history, do not forget to visit the Old Town!


Hippie market in Punta Arabi

This hippie market can be visited best visited in the season, which starts in May. If you come earlier, chances are that there are fewer stalls and that sellers pack up much earlier than closing time. This is a great location to get a feel of the hippie atmosphere that Ibiza is famous for. You can find clothing here, but also accessories such as bracelets and hair accesories and souvenirs. Also a great place to find natural and homemade beauty products and food.


Vintage bus for rent

Not so much a must see, but certainly a must do: vintage bus 4 rent. Take a tour of the island in a classic VW van and enjoy a lovely picknick along the way. If you’re visiting Ibiza, you should experience at least a little bit of hippie-style and this VW van is really the way to do that. The van can pick you up at any location and bring you to any place. Added bonus: it looks really nice in your holiday pictures!


Es Vedrà

Ibiza is somewhat of a magical island, and this is party due to the majestic Es Vedrà. Es Vedrà is an uninhibited rock island made of lime stone, which is often compared to the Bermuda Triangle. It is supposed to be the third most magnetic spot on earth and navigational instruments often get crazy when they come near Es Vedrà. There are stories that it was the home of sirens that tried to lure Ulysses from his ship in Homer’s Odyssey and that part of the rock was used to build the pyramids in Egypt. Some people even claim they saw UFO’s flying over Es Vedrà. I don’t know how much is true of these stories, but I do know that it is a special place to see!



Formentara has been a popular destination for hippies since the 1960s. It is well known for its pristine white beaches, where nude sunbathing is allowed. Joni Mitchell wrote her album Blue on the island, and Bob Dylan also lived here once. The island can be reached per boat or with a ferry. The journey by ferry takes approximately 10 minutes. If you go on a sailing trip to Formentara, it might take all day.



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