Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich

It is one of the greatest classics of all time: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Here you can find the audio book, so you can ‘read’ it when you’re on the road.

Minimalism as lifestyle of the future

Minimalism: the lifestyle of the future?

Minimalism seems to be the lifestyle of the future. Will it also be MY lifestyle of the future? What are your thoughts on the effects of minimalism?

About Me
About Me

Hi! I'm Adine and I am on my way from Average to Awesome. Here, I'll keep you posted about all my efforts thoughout this journey 🙂

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10 Foolproof Ways To Feel Better In Minutes

10 Foolproof Ways To Feel Better In Minutes

You don’t need someone else and you don’t need chocolat. You can become happy all by yourself. These little tricks work in just 10 minutes (or sometimes seconds)!

Tabata: 4 minute work-out

Tabata Training: Active Body And Mind In 4 Minutes

Getting fit in 4 minutes, I really like the sound of that. And it actually really works. Read about my experience and the best app to do this in this article!

Essential ingredients for a healthy breakfast

5 essential ingredients of a healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast does not have to be complicated: just incorporate these 5 essential ingredients and you’re good to go.

5-second rule

Beat Your Brain With The 5-Second Rule

If someone paid me a penny for every hour I wasted procrastinating, I would be rich by now. And there is a way to beat your brain, to trick it into doing something that it doesn’t really want to do. It’s called the #5SecondRule.



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